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REYNOLDSVILLE — The Jefferson County Abate and the Jefferson County Department of Veterans Affairs will hold their first annual Memorial “Veteran’s Emergency Fund” Dice Run ride and roll on Saturday, July 27 at the Reynoldsville Eagles Lodge.

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Solid Waste Authority addresses drop-off program's transportation costs

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RIDGWAY — The Elk County Solid Waste Authority’s drop-off program has been providing easy, accessible recycling to area municipalities for years.

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BIG RUN — The Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal and the Big Run Fire Department investigated a fire involving a discarded sectional couch in Gaskill Township May 25.

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Jun 4
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - 76060 Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum
Large, Pre-Election Donations in Local Primaries
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Jun 4
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 76020 - Mission Escape Sleeveless Scampo New Rare
Large, Pre-Election Donations in General Assembly Primaries
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Jun 3
May 30
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76107 - Thanos La Battaglia Finale NUOVO
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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Hydra Showdown
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Infinity War The Hulkbuster Smash-Up...
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Homecoming ATM Heist Battle Set

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